How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Streaming Problems

Fix Amazon Prime Video Streaming Problems
Many customers face Problems while streaming online Amazon Prime video services. First of all, to get this problem fixed you can check the speed of the internet on your device by a different application available on the internet. Because of the speed of internet matters when we use online streaming service of any platform. On an average, you will need a speed of 1.5Mbps to run Amazon Prime Video in SD format video streaming and 3.5Mbps to run in HD format on your devices.
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When your video streaming is not functioning properly on the Amazon Prime Video. You will see Error Cods like 1007,1022,7003,7005,7031.7035,7202,7203,7204,7206 etc. if your speed is not enough then you may call your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Such as BSNL, Airtel, JIO, Vodafone etc which you are using to access internet form your device.
To overcome this problem, you need to unplug your modem and router and turn off your device for at least 60 seconds. Now turn your Modem and router on and switch on your all lights, when everything is normal to turn on your device. Once you have to reboot your devices start streaming again. This will help you with streaming now easily.
However, if some people are using their mobile phone for streaming, they should turn the airplane mode of their phone on for some seconds and then start streaming again. Shut off their mobile phone for some seconds will help them to fix this problem.
Make sure that the Amazon Prime Video App is updated and check the updated version of App regularly. This will also help you to overcome the problem of streaming on Amazon Video Prime.

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